Women are the Backbone

As many people would say, women are the backbone of men. Men may be the head of the family, but they would not be able to move or walk without that strong woman at their side. In Homer’s Iliad, this is especially true of the men of the heroic society. The men believed that the women were not worth much because they did not go to battle and fight for their city. Yet, while they were in battle, the women were back at home taking care of everything else. The women raised the warriors’  children. They were the ones that taught the children the morals and values they needed to become an amazing warrior just like their father. The father was at war, and never helped raise that child in the right path. The women were the ones who prayed for those men day and night while they worried if they would ever see their loved ones again. When the men were gone, the women had to take responsibility over everything. Apart from their regular duties they had to take on the men’s duties as well. It was no longer women cook and clean and men do the hard work that gained the money. Without these women, the Trojan city would have collapsed sooner then it did.

So, with all this work that the women did, where is their praise? Where is their epic poem? The Iliad mentions women, but only as a prize. They mention women as an object to have sex with. They mention women as the weak ones waiting for the men to return home from battle. The Iliad does not give any recognition to these strong women who are the backbone of men.

So, to all those unrecognized women who support their family in the same way or maybe even more then the head of the household, thank you for all your hardwork that goes unnoticed.


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